MAC OS file encoding problem

Problem with character encoding in MAC OS handling NTFS? Problem with reading in OS Windows? Problem Reading it in MAC? This can help you.

As wrote on Apr 1, 2007 at macfuse bug-discussion:

For some characters, there are multiple ways to represent them. For example, è can be represented in a precomposed manner ("\303\250", two bytes), or in a decomposed manner ("e\314\200", three bytes). In decomposed unicode, combining versions of the accents following the base-letter are preferred, whereas in precomposed unicode, the characters representing both the base-letter and the accent are preferred. A "normalization" process on a unicode sequence converts all characters in the sequence to the preferred normalization (either pre- or decomposed unicode).

The problem is that HFS+ enforce filenames to be in decomposed unicode (more exactly: Unicode Normalization Form D), but other OSes (e.g. Windows) prefer (but do not enforce) precomposed unicode (more exactly: Unicode Normalization Form C). The filenames on your windows drive (e.g. "lumière") are precomposed. Linux passes them to sshfs, which passes them to MacFUSE, which passes them to Mac OS X all precomposed. Mac OS X can display them, however you can't copy them to your HFS+ drive because HFS+ requires decomposed filenames.

And as mentioned on Feb 29, 2012 at macfuse bug-discussion:

Thanks. I had some songs with è in the title that Mac OSX would not copy from a Linux drive mounted over sshfs. Running this on Linux fixed the problem:

sudo apt-get install convmv
convmv -r -f utf-8 -t utf-8 --nfd --notest /path/to/music

Tool you can use: convmv

And few Apple Q&A: